I still think about you, II. Pocket operator 1

In I still think about you. Montréal Québec: Centre de Musique Canadienne, 2021.

Instrumentation summary: 2 boom boxes with prepared karaoke tapes labelled 1-4, teenage engineering pocket operator PO12 “Rhythm”, acoustic guitar (amplified/retuned), stylophone, can of compressed air, vibraphone, tubular bells 5 pitches (E, F, G, A, Bb), 3 crotales or hand bells (A, C, E), large kalimba, sizzle cymbal, ride cymbal, hi-hat, large babasa, guiro, duct tape, gift tissue paper, metal wind chimes, castanet, ping pong balls, snare drum, kick drum

Instrumentation group: percussion, electronics

Location: Music Library Stacks M298.L59 I2 2021