In the Spirit and the Flesh for Jazz Trio and Orchestra, I. Life

In In the Spirit and the Flesh. Composers Facsimile Edition. New York, N.Y.: American Composers Alliance, 1985.

Instrumentation summary: flute (2), piccolo, oboe (2), clarinet (2), bassoon (2), french horn (4), trumpet (3), trombone (3), tuba (1), timpani, Percussion: bongo drums (2), timbales, tom-toms (3), metal wind chimes, india bells, african double (iron) bell, orchestra bells, xylophone, tambourines, suspended cymbals (3), large gong (1), small gong (1), large triangle (1), medium triangle (1), Jazz trio: piano (1), bass (1), drums (1), SATB mixed chorus, Strings: violin I, violin II, viola, cello, bass

Instrumentation group: woodwinds, brass, percussion, keyboard, voice, strings

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